Protection paladin upgrade list (II)

September 17, 2009 at 9:16 am (Uncategorized)

In my previous post I talked about my potential upgrade list for the head , chest , shoulders , legs and hands slots , choosing the right upgrade taking into consideration both the item and the effort it would take me to get it.

Today , I want to talk about wrist ,  waist , feet , neck and cloak . As before , I’m mainly looking for EoC gear , craftable gear and some ToC normal or heroic drops.

Wrist [link]having only 2 options here , I’ll go with the Bracers of Dalaran’s Parapets for 60 EoV

  1. Saronite Swordbreakers (iLvl 245) – some very good bracers , that 245 iLvl is really something. Unfortunately for me , they require 4 crusader orbs
  2. Bracers of Dalaran’s Parapets (iLvl 213) – the seem like my only choice right now. They cost 60 EoV and are the second (and only) choice , if I am to consider only non-drops items. They are also my best shot (considering that EoV don’t drop anymore and I have to trade EoC-s for them , it seems sad that I spend 2 EoC more on a pair of iLvl 213 bracers than on a iLvl 226 piece of Tier 8.5)

Waist [link]I’m going with the Shieldwarders Girdle because it’s cheaper and roughly equivalent to the Indestructible Plate Girdle.  28 EoC.

  1. Indestructible Plate Girdle (iLvl 226) – BoE craftable. It’s somewhat equivalent to the Shieldwarder Girdle. It has more strength , a bit more avoidance (I presume that with diminishing returns , 37 more parry will make up for 15 dodge and 13 defense) and 2 sockets.  In return , it looses some stamina (15 to be exact) and quite a bit of hit rating. An other downside is the cost 12 titansteel , 30 saronite and 6 runed orbs (which is actually 108 EoC).
  2. Shieldwarder Girdle (iLvl 226) – A very nice belt which can be bought for only 28 EoC. Although I consider the belt above to be superior , it would cost me 80 EoC more (that’s 2 days at least , presuming doing a whole lot of heroics per day) plus quite a bit of gold (which I don’t have and I’d have to farm). So this will be my belt of choice.
  3. Ablative Chitin Girdle (iLvl 213) – A piece from Naxx , which I may , or may not have – I’m sorry, but I have quite a bit of tanking gear , upgrades , options , so I can’t remember all the items which I have. The Shieldwarders Girdle is almost a perfect upgrade for this piece. It looses strength , trades parry for dodge (but for more dodge , which is good considering the dodge-parry normalization in 3.2.2) and looses a socket. Well , you can’t have everything.

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Protection paladin upgrade list (I)

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There is one good thing when you don’t have your account active – you can’t play WoW , thus have more time for other things (like theorycrafting or reading in depth posts/arguments about it , not just the tl;dr version). With all this spare time at my disposal , I’m starting to make a list of possible upgrades for Amellie , my protection paladin.

(the following paragraph is about my own gear , scroll down to the upgrade list in case you’re not interested)

Unfortunatelly , when I logged out , I was in a mix of blue-purple pve-pvp retribution gear , and not in my tanking gear , so I have to rely on memory when I make my list of tanking items. I’ll go by iLvl

  • 226 : Chest (Unbreakable Chestguard) , Weapon (Last Laugh)
  • 219 : Head (Ironbark Faceguard) , Shoulders (Shoulderguards of the Solemn Watch) , Hands (Gauntlets of the Iron Furnace – yes , I know that unless bliz reitemizes them they’re crap , armor-pen on tanking gear) , Legs (Archaedas’ Lost Legplates)
  • 213 : Neck , Back , Waist , Ring 1 , Ring 2 , Trinket 1
  • 200 : Wrist , Feet , Shield , Trinket 2

I’d like to expand a bit on trinkets. I have the Valor Medal of the First War , Rune of Repulsion and Repelling Charge as avoidance trinkets (with the normalisation of dodge and parry , considering diminishing returns , I’ll have to see which one gives better avoidance overall). As stamina trinkets I have only Essence of Gossamer . And I also have Offering of Sacrifice as a small EH boost.

(and now to the list)

A short note on the list : contains BoE craftables , items sold for emblems , items I currently have (even though boss drops) , drops from normal/heroic dungeons. It’s focused on getting gear outside raiding , and getting it fast. Sure , if I do the daily heroic each day for 3 months , I’ll be sitting in full T9.1 but that’s not the point.  I want an upgrade from T7. I intend to raid , but if I’m unfortunate , then I want a backup plan.

Head [link] due to cost/benefit resons , I’ll choose Conqueror Aegis Faceguard :

  1. Liadrin’s Faceguard of Triumph (iLvl 245) – First on the list , but it costs 75 Emblems of Triumph and one Trophy of the Crusade which means having to go to a 10 man heroic raid / 25 man normal and getting the trophy.
  2. Headplate of the Honorbound (iLvl 245) – second best on the list , just 75 EoT
  3. Conqueror’s Aegis Faceguard (iLvl 226) – lands 3 on my list. It looses some mitigation (~18.7 armor , 262.8 BV , taking talents into consideration) and gains some avoidance and some block rating (helping in case the rest of my gear don’t get me block-capped) compared to number 4 (wich has a higher item level) but it also gains the fact that it can be farmed quite fast , costing only 58 EoC
  4. Liadrin’s Faceguard of Conquest (iLvl 232) -though it would be (from a point of view) better than the T8.5 helm , presuming that I will run just heroics , it would take me 25 days to get it (50 EoT) , as oposed to 2 days tanking heroics like mad.
  5. Helm of the Crestfallen Challenger (iLvl 219) – compared to my chosen option , it has a LOT of hit rating and slightly better avoidance (not considering diminished returns) , but loses everywhere else. Though , I would gladly trade my Ironbark Faceguard for it (I enjoy hit more than expertise). Drops from ToC heroic.
  6. Ironbark Faceguard -current helm

Chest [link] – Unbreakable Chestguard . Any real upgrade would be either too expensive (read unafordable) , or take too long to get.

  1. Liadrin’s Breastplate of Triumph (iLvl 245) – same story as the head , 75 EoT plus one Trophy of the Crusade. Moving on.
  2. Breastplate of the White Knight (iLvl 245) – BoE craftable . Very good , but costing 8 Crusader Orbs , it’s a bit overpriced for me. Considering that I’m not the MT of my guild to get the orbs that drop , and that I don’t sit on a pile of gold which would help me buy them from the AH , this is definatly a no.
  3. Liadrin’s Breastplate of Conquest (iLvl 232) – The T9.1 chest. Better in almost everyway , but costing 50 EoT.
  4. Conqueror’s Aegis Breastplate (iLvl 226) – The T8.5 chest . It has the same item level as my own chest , it gains some avoidance but looses mitigation , it also gains the T8 2p bonus. So , even though it costs 58 EoC , it isn’t a crucial upgrade (it’s not even an upgrade in the real sense of the word). My EoC have other urgent buisness to attend to.
  5. Unbreakable Chestguard (iLvl 226) – current chest

Shoulder [link] – Shoulderguards of Enduring Order . At the moment , these seem like the best way to spend my Emblems of Triumph.

  1. Shoulderguards of Enduring Order (iLvl 245) – I didn’t even put the T9.2 shoulders here due to the Trophy of the Crusade being needed. What we have is a really nice pair of shoulders which cost 45 EoT (so about 3 weeks worth of daily heroics) Unless I find something which is a bigger improvement , my EoTs will go here
  2. Liadrin’s Shoulderguards of Conquest (iLvl 232) – Nice and good , but I’d rather spend and extra week and get the ones above (30 EoT)
  3. Regal Aurous Shoulderplates (iLvl 219) – Lose some strenght and some block rating , gain some hit and some socket ? Yes sir/mam ! Only bad thing about them is that I would have to farm ToC heroic. But I’ll be doing heroics like crazy anyway , I’ll just hope for it to drop until I get the Shoulderguards of Enduring Order
  4. Shoulderguards of the Solemn Watch (iLvl 219) – current shoulders

Legs [link]Wyrmguard Legplates , but only after taking care of the other slots. That , or hope for VoA drops.

  1. Liadrin’s Legguards of Triumph (iLvl 245) – lucky drop from VoA
  2. Liadrin’s Legguards of Conquest (iLvl 232) – they lose quite a lot of avoidance and expertise , but gain defense , BV , hit and an extra socket. Good , but not worth 50 EoT. Better hope they drop from VoA
  3. Conqueror’s Aegis Legguards (iLvl 226) – it they drop from VoA , it would be nice.
  4. Wyrmguard Legplates (iLvl 226) – better for threat and mitigation , but I’d lose quite a bit of avoidance. I’ll upgrade to them after I take care of some more urgent upgrades ; 39 EoC
  5. Archaedas’ Lost Legplates (iLvl 219) – current legs

Hands [link]Gauntlets of the Royal Watch , they got plenty of hit which I will be needing.  (or , as above , hope for VoA drops)

  1. Liadrin’s Handguards of Triumph (iLvl 245) – lucky drop from VoA
  2. Liadrin’s Handguards of Conquest (iLvl 232) – drop from VoA or the second thing I’ll spend my Emblems of Triumph on (after the shoulders) 30 EoT. The reasons why I’m not getting these before the Shoulders are : 1 shoulders are a bigger upgrade , 2 with these upgrades I’ll probably be lacking hit , so number 4 would be a better idea
  3. Conqueror’s Aegis Handguards (iLvl 226) – same as before – VoA . Would be good for a BV set and the socket is good
  4. Gauntlets of the Royal Watch (iLvl 226) – i’ll get these for the lovely amount of hit which they have. Only 28 EoC
  5. Gauntlets of the Iron Furnace (iLvl 219) – current gloves

This brings me to the end of the first part of protection paladin upgrades. Next I will analise waist , feet , wrists , neck and back . The day after , rings , trinkets , weapon shield and libram.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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    Mathematical Demonstration

    September 7, 2009 at 10:15 pm (Theorycrafting)

    I’d like to do a little experiment , inspired by the one Gevlon did . I want to see how far will mathematics – and excell charts – get me in terms of DPS. I will (eventually) level up my hunter to 80 , buy him some craftable epix and BoE blues , plus I’ll try to do the quests that reward me the most (in terms of apropriate gear). And then , I’ll make up my own spec(s) and DPS.

    I intend to spend about 200-300 gold on respecs , trying different ones. My goal ? 2300 dps without reading any resources (like EJ and the sort). The only thing I’ll research about hunters is the hit-cap (I haven’t played my hunter since TBC and I don’t know if it changed or not since then).

    Why would I do this , in stead of reading EJ , getting the cookie cutter spec and then using it ? Well , for one thing , I really enjoy working in Excell , I will probably use it alot in my future job(s) , and this would be a chance to try something new. Secondly , I enjoy a challange and I have a thing for mathematical / logical ones (I was the geeky kid who went to all the math contest).

    It will probably be hard and the chart will be far worse than the DPS charts on EJ , but I really want to see if all that math is worthwhile afterall. But I want to make my life a bit easyer , so I’ll stay with the Beast Mastery spec (I started BM , that’s how I want to end it).

    A few examples on how I want to do this (please correct me if I’m wrong) :

    DISCLAIMER : Do not take the information here as acurate , I’m trying to prove a point and there might be mistakes.

    • Starting info : hit capped , 2000 AP , 10% crit chance , Nessingway 4000
    • I will shoot the dummy for 5 minutes – 300 seconds
    • First I’ll add the autoshot to my total damage (at the moment 0) : [300/(weapon speed)]*(average weapon dps) . Make the calculations and then see in recount if I’m right . The DPS of the Nesingway 4000 is 129.6 . But the average damage per shot is 363 . Given the weapon speed of 2.8 and the auto shot haste of 15% , I believe that the new weapon speed will be 2.8/1.15=2.43 . 363/2.43=149 dps.
    • However , I do not know one thing – does AP add to the autoshot ? I’ll find out when I try it in game
    • Serpent Sting , rank 12 : Stings the target, causing [RAP * 0.2 + 1210] Nature damage over 15 sec. Presuming that I’ll keep my sting up all the time , this means 20 stings , or in terms of total damage 20*[RAP*0.2+1210]. Taking a wild guess that my AP will be 2000. This means that refreshing serpent sting all the time will give me a bonus of 20*[2000*0.2+1210]=20*(400+1210)=20*1610=32. 200 (which would be a gain of 107.33 dps) . This is all witouth talents or gliphs. If I were to add Improved Stings 3/3 I would get a 30% more damaging sting , which means a total of 107.33*1.3=139.529 dps (a gain of 32 dps)
    • I will then add Steady Shot : A steady shot that causes unmodified weapon damage, plus ammo, plus [RAP * 0.1 + 252]. Causes an additional 175 against Dazed targets. Now, I’ve read that it has a hidden 0.5 sec cast , making it 2 sec , not 1.5. This will be tested. Let’s take a random weapon -Nesingwary 4000. 254 – 472 Damage Speed 2.80 (129.6 damage per second). Since it’s weapon damage , it should be on average 363 . Mammoth Cutters give a bonus of 67.5 dps. Which gets us to Weapon damage+ammo+[RAP*0.1+252]= 363+67.5+[2000*0.1+252]= 882.5 . Every 2 seconds (or 1.5 , but let’s say 2). This gives us 441.7 dps. But , with the Glyph of Steady Shot , considering that I’ll be using serpent sting , I get 10% more damage. Which actually gives 485.87 dps. And I believe we have crits too.
    • How much damage does a critical strike do ? Well ,by shooting at a dummy for 5 minutes , I’ll probably get enough crits to have recount display an average of their damage. With no talents , average strike*crit multyplier=critical strike. For example , I know that my paladin has double damage on crits (aka damage is increased by 100%). I’ll presume , for the sake of going ahead in this demonstration that crit multiplyer is 2 (critical damage is increased by 100%). But I have the mortal shot talent which increases by a further 30%. So 10% of my Steady Shots will crit , which means that the total DPS of steady shot will be 485.87+[(485.87/10)*1.3]= 549.03
    • And so far we have 139.5+549=688.5 extra dps

    This has taken about 1 hour to write (and sadly , I don’t even have my account active). It would have been a lot faster just to read EJ . But I still want to see if math can be of any use in increasing my DPS.

    I’ll return to this post in about 1-2 months when I’ll level up my hunter.

    Till next time , take care.

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    Rethinking my Cataclysm bucket list

    September 7, 2009 at 9:28 pm (Uncategorized)

    After spending some time on I started to rethink my “to do list”

    1. learn to ride an epic flying mount : purpose – fly faster ; this is usefull . faster movement = less time spent uselessly .
    2. get the Red Proto Drake : purpose – aestetic , challenge ; why do I want it ? because it looks cool and I’ve wanted to ride it ever since I first saw it . Secondly , it’s challenging to get it , and the main reason I play WoW is for PvE challenges. So by playing the game for the reason I want to play it for , I get a reward if I succeed . Sounds like a win-win to me.
    3. get full paladin Tier 2 – Judgement Armor (and maybe a cool looking weapon , Sulfuras would be nice , but no way I’m farming MC that long)] ; purpose – aestetic ; except for this , I can’t think of any good reason to do this . I couldn’t even be a social and pretend I got it the right way (my character is a blood-elf) ; this may kick the bucket
    4. … of the Nightfall title (Sartharion10+3 ads) ; purpose – aestetics and challange ; I consider this to be a very challenging encounter from a tanking perspective … didn’t I say I play this game for PvE challenges ? status : go
    5. … the Explorer title ; purpose – achievment-feak-ness ; why bother ? (althought I’ll probably do it anyway , mostly because I want to see Azeroth before Cataclysm)
    6. Undercity Exalted (i always wanted one of those mounts) : purpose – aestetics , andthe 5% extra discount would be nice , but honestly , this is stretching it
    7. Outland Heroic Dungeonmaster : purpose – achievment-whatever-ness ; again , I fail to see a reason . But , I’d love to 2-man it. This would be a challenge. So it’s still up.
    8. Yogg-Saron 10man (only boss missing) : purpose – challenge. Good to go
    9. Make peace with the goblins (at least neutral though exalted would be nice) : purpose – comodity , to be able to trade in Booty Bay once more (i wanted the stupid hat and title) ; and to be able to use the neutral AH (though this fails because I could move an alt there)

    The rest , tomorrow.

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    Gear upgrade list

    September 6, 2009 at 6:35 pm (Uncategorized)

    Things I want to get for Amellie:

    • Crown of the Wayward Conqueror – 58 EoC
    • Breastplate of the Wayward Conqueror – 58 EoC
    • Shard of the Crystal Forest – 19 EoC
    • Shieldwarder Girdle – 28 EoC
    • Gauntlets of the Royal Watch – 28 EoC
    • Wyrmguard Legplates – 39 EoC
    • Kyzoc’s Ground Stompers – 10+30 Eoc->EoV

    EoC : 7 / 240

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    Too good to forget about it

    September 5, 2009 at 11:30 pm (Uncategorized)


    This is a Cattleclism joke.

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    Cataclysm Bucket List

    September 5, 2009 at 9:49 pm (Uncategorized)

    Thing I’d like to do before Cataclysm :

    1. learn to ride an epic flying mount
    2. get the Red Proto Drake (only real problems I have would be Less-Rabi and Make it count)
    3. get full paladin Tier 2 – Judgement Armor (and maybe a cool looking weapon , Sulfuras would be nice , but no way I’m farming MC that long)]
    4. … of the Twilight title (Sartharion10+3 ads)
    5. … the Explorer title
    6. Undercity Exalted (i always wanted one of those mounts)
    7. Outland Heroic Dungeonmaster
    8. Yogg-Saron 10man (only boss missing)
    9. Make peace with the goblins (at least neutral though exalted would be nice)
    10. Frenzyheart exalted
    11. Switch and get Oracles exalted
    12. Sunreavers exalted (this should take 25 days)
    13. Warsong Hold exalted
    14. Warsong Outstriders exalted

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    A word on guild ranks

    February 3, 2009 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

    After people have been coming in to the guild , I found myself in need of more ranks (and names for them as well). I didn’t like the officer / lieutenant / sergent ones , so I had to come up with some new ones. Here they are :

    • December – the guild master
    • November – name reserved for the guild
    • October – my left and right hand , officers and founding members
    • September – advanced members with a word to say in debates (those who in most guilds are called officers)
    • August – veteran members
    • Jully – regular members
    • June – high level bank alts of leading members
    • April – low level bank alts of leading members
    • March – regular alts of people in our guild
    • February – dorment members (those who haven’t logged on in quite a while)
    • January – new member (call them trial members if you want)
    • December – guild master , seful , eu
    • November – nume rezervat pentru ghilda in sine
    • October -mana mea stanga si dreapta , membrii fondatori
    • September – ofiteri , oameni pe care sa-i mai si intrebi , nu doar conduci
    • August -veterani , cei care au stat cu noi mult timp
    • Jully -majoritatea , cei mai multi , cei obijnuiti
    • June – alturile noastre cu care putem juca / face instante
    • April – bancile noastre
    • March -alturile celorlalti din ghilda
    • February -membrii adormiti , care n-au intrat de ceva timp
    • January -membrii nou nouti , nedemonstrati

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      Ding 70 !

      February 3, 2009 at 11:01 am (Uncategorized)

      It’s been months since i’ve updated this blog … (well , it’s not like anyone’s reading it , so most people didn’t mind this).

      Life in the world (of warcraft) has been good to me , or should I say to my Blood Elf Paladin , Amellie . Since the last time we talked , I’ve managed to ding 70. (wo-hoooo , my first 70 :D:D:D) and put a little of gear on.

      I’ve been working on my professions. I have 320 Blacksmithing (and i’ll be needing 80 fel iron bars and 100 adamantite ones for 350) and 354 Enchanting. My cooking is at 300 (i have to go get the manual for 375) and my first aid at 375 and trained.  Fishing is around 10 skill.

      I’m crazy about achievments. I’ve done the Classical Dungeon Master one (the one where you have to finish all the dungeons in classic wow) and I’m 3 dungeons away from the Outland Dungeon master (the ones in Tempest Keep).

      I’m quite happy with my gear. I haven’t been to northrend much (i only did UK) and the only gear from there which I have is the tanking neck from UK Qrewards – which is more than decent. Overall i’m standing at 10.777 HP , 10.965 Armor and 17.2% / 14.96% / 9.16% avoidance. Which is not great but not really bad either. I’d love to get my bs to 350+ to be able to craft some cobalt tanking gear.

      My guild , Pink November is starting to get bigger and better. From a 3-man bank guild , we’re slowly heading to a guild which may have enough men for a Naxx10. At the moment we have 1 dedicated tank (me) , 2 dedicated healers and 1 dps.  I know we’re supposed to have 10 not 4 ,  but these are the ones which I trust most to come after me everywhere. The rest , I just hope they’ll come. At the moment I have 11 people. And hopefully more will come. I’d like a warlock , but any caster dps is good.

      And this concludes my update. See you soon.

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      It’s been a month

      November 22, 2008 at 10:51 am (Derain, Professions, Whitedeath) (, , , )

      Wow. Not the game but the exclamation. It’s been more than a month since i’ve updated this. So let’s talk some updates.

      First of all , there’s no more Derain or Whitedeath. Gone , kaput. Since Wrath launched , i’ve been experiencing some huge quevues on Neptulon  (1800 people , 2 hours) so I packed my bags , profited of the Free Character Migration and moved all my guys (except the Death-Knight that i’ve made on Neptulon) on Shattered Halls. The problem was , that both the names Derain and Whitedeath were taken… So I was forced to change them. Whitedeath is now Amellie (which I like very much and I would have probably changed her name by paying)… Derain is Eindrake… which sux. Unfortunately , I didn’t think about Dérain until it was too late. So I’ll probably change it via paying.

      I’m sad to leave my former guild (i was promoted to officer) , we were getting along rather nicelly. Too bad.

      I’ve abandoned Derain (Eindrake … Dérain) somewhere at 61 , 335 mining and 308 engineering. And I’ve picked up Whitedeath (from now on I’ll call her Amellie). I’ve leveled her all the way up to level 44. I haven’t neglected my tradeskills either. I now have 280 enchanting and a beautiful recipie of Icy Chill in the bank , just waiting for 5 more points (which I’d rather make by selling , at least for 1 gold). I’ve been taking Derain on minig runs to gather Iron/Mithril to level my blacksmithing. When I started working on Amellie , BS was 151. Now it sits quite comfortably at 260. And I could probably take it to 270 or even 275 withouth many difficulties… But after that , it’s thorium theritory … and it plain sucks. Still , I was damn lucky to find mithril spurs plan on ah at just 5 gold. It was a life-saver.

      As far as tanking goes , I’m doing rather well. I tanked SM (except Cath , couldn’t find a group). I tanked Uldaman as well , Razorfen Downs and even Zul Farak (where I got damn lucky on the drops : gloves + big bad pauldrons). The folks were happpy with my tanking , in ZF I once ran with 2 mages. CC and AoE the place (CC here stands for Consecrate Continuously). I’m learning. In RFD first time I ran it we wiped on the Boar Idol event (we didn’t know what to do) , and then a couple of times because of an idiotic mob who used ranged attacks on us from below.

      However , 2nd time we ran RFD it went smoothly. SM-Arm – no problems. Uldaman and ZF , not a single wipe. And I’m starting to like this.

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