Plans for tonight

October 15, 2008 at 4:28 pm (Derain, Professions) (, )

I’ve decided to stop playing randomly. I don’t have much time till Wrath hits ( patch 3.0.2 has already hit) and I want to reach 70 … at least with Derain. So from now on , I’m going to establish a few goals and reach them. And I’m going to start tonight. For Derain :

  • travel to Arathi Highlands and rise my First Aid skill from 241 to 300
  • do a quick 10 minutes run and mine some iron
  • travel to Silithus , get the cooking quest from the innkeeper , do it and raise cooking from 289 to 300
  • try to find a few thorium nodes in Silithus and raise my mining as high as possible
  • farm 2 Elemental Air from the elementals in Silithus
  • go to Un-Goro Crater and level mining to 300
  • get a Cured Leather Hide
  • craft a Tranquil Mechanical Yety (this should make my engineering about 270)
  • level up to 58
  • Enter the Dark Portal
  • Greet Outland

So this is the plan. Let’s see how much of it can we manage.


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