A word on guild ranks

February 3, 2009 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

After people have been coming in to the guild , I found myself in need of more ranks (and names for them as well). I didn’t like the officer / lieutenant / sergent ones , so I had to come up with some new ones. Here they are :

  • December – the guild master
  • November – name reserved for the guild
  • October – my left and right hand , officers and founding members
  • September – advanced members with a word to say in debates (those who in most guilds are called officers)
  • August – veteran members
  • Jully – regular members
  • June – high level bank alts of leading members
  • April – low level bank alts of leading members
  • March – regular alts of people in our guild
  • February – dorment members (those who haven’t logged on in quite a while)
  • January – new member (call them trial members if you want)
  • December – guild master , seful , eu
  • November – nume rezervat pentru ghilda in sine
  • October -mana mea stanga si dreapta , membrii fondatori
  • September – ofiteri , oameni pe care sa-i mai si intrebi , nu doar conduci
  • August -veterani , cei care au stat cu noi mult timp
  • Jully -majoritatea , cei mai multi , cei obijnuiti
  • June – alturile noastre cu care putem juca / face instante
  • April – bancile noastre
  • March -alturile celorlalti din ghilda
  • February -membrii adormiti , care n-au intrat de ceva timp
  • January -membrii nou nouti , nedemonstrati

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