Ding 70 !

February 3, 2009 at 11:01 am (Uncategorized)

It’s been months since i’ve updated this blog … (well , it’s not like anyone’s reading it , so most people didn’t mind this).

Life in the world (of warcraft) has been good to me , or should I say to my Blood Elf Paladin , Amellie . Since the last time we talked , I’ve managed to ding 70. (wo-hoooo , my first 70 :D:D:D) and put a little of gear on.

I’ve been working on my professions. I have 320 Blacksmithing (and i’ll be needing 80 fel iron bars and 100 adamantite ones for 350) and 354 Enchanting. My cooking is at 300 (i have to go get the manual for 375) and my first aid at 375 and trained.  Fishing is around 10 skill.

I’m crazy about achievments. I’ve done the Classical Dungeon Master one (the one where you have to finish all the dungeons in classic wow) and I’m 3 dungeons away from the Outland Dungeon master (the ones in Tempest Keep).

I’m quite happy with my gear. I haven’t been to northrend much (i only did UK) and the only gear from there which I have is the tanking neck from UK Qrewards – which is more than decent. Overall i’m standing at 10.777 HP , 10.965 Armor and 17.2% / 14.96% / 9.16% avoidance. Which is not great but not really bad either. I’d love to get my bs to 350+ to be able to craft some cobalt tanking gear.

My guild , Pink November is starting to get bigger and better. From a 3-man bank guild , we’re slowly heading to a guild which may have enough men for a Naxx10. At the moment we have 1 dedicated tank (me) , 2 dedicated healers and 1 dps.  I know we’re supposed to have 10 not 4 ,  but these are the ones which I trust most to come after me everywhere. The rest , I just hope they’ll come. At the moment I have 11 people. And hopefully more will come. I’d like a warlock , but any caster dps is good.

And this concludes my update. See you soon.


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