Cataclysm Bucket List

September 5, 2009 at 9:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Thing I’d like to do before Cataclysm :

  1. learn to ride an epic flying mount
  2. get the Red Proto Drake (only real problems I have would be Less-Rabi and Make it count)
  3. get full paladin Tier 2 – Judgement Armor (and maybe a cool looking weapon , Sulfuras would be nice , but no way I’m farming MC that long)]
  4. … of the Twilight title (Sartharion10+3 ads)
  5. … the Explorer title
  6. Undercity Exalted (i always wanted one of those mounts)
  7. Outland Heroic Dungeonmaster
  8. Yogg-Saron 10man (only boss missing)
  9. Make peace with the goblins (at least neutral though exalted would be nice)
  10. Frenzyheart exalted
  11. Switch and get Oracles exalted
  12. Sunreavers exalted (this should take 25 days)
  13. Warsong Hold exalted
  14. Warsong Outstriders exalted

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