Mathematical Demonstration

September 7, 2009 at 10:15 pm (Theorycrafting)

I’d like to do a little experiment , inspired by the one Gevlon did . I want to see how far will mathematics – and excell charts – get me in terms of DPS. I will (eventually) level up my hunter to 80 , buy him some craftable epix and BoE blues , plus I’ll try to do the quests that reward me the most (in terms of apropriate gear). And then , I’ll make up my own spec(s) and DPS.

I intend to spend about 200-300 gold on respecs , trying different ones. My goal ? 2300 dps without reading any resources (like EJ and the sort). The only thing I’ll research about hunters is the hit-cap (I haven’t played my hunter since TBC and I don’t know if it changed or not since then).

Why would I do this , in stead of reading EJ , getting the cookie cutter spec and then using it ? Well , for one thing , I really enjoy working in Excell , I will probably use it alot in my future job(s) , and this would be a chance to try something new. Secondly , I enjoy a challange and I have a thing for mathematical / logical ones (I was the geeky kid who went to all the math contest).

It will probably be hard and the chart will be far worse than the DPS charts on EJ , but I really want to see if all that math is worthwhile afterall. But I want to make my life a bit easyer , so I’ll stay with the Beast Mastery spec (I started BM , that’s how I want to end it).

A few examples on how I want to do this (please correct me if I’m wrong) :

DISCLAIMER : Do not take the information here as acurate , I’m trying to prove a point and there might be mistakes.

  • Starting info : hit capped , 2000 AP , 10% crit chance , Nessingway 4000
  • I will shoot the dummy for 5 minutes – 300 seconds
  • First I’ll add the autoshot to my total damage (at the moment 0) : [300/(weapon speed)]*(average weapon dps) . Make the calculations and then see in recount if I’m right . The DPS of the Nesingway 4000 is 129.6 . But the average damage per shot is 363 . Given the weapon speed of 2.8 and the auto shot haste of 15% , I believe that the new weapon speed will be 2.8/1.15=2.43 . 363/2.43=149 dps.
  • However , I do not know one thing – does AP add to the autoshot ? I’ll find out when I try it in game
  • Serpent Sting , rank 12 : Stings the target, causing [RAP * 0.2 + 1210] Nature damage over 15 sec. Presuming that I’ll keep my sting up all the time , this means 20 stings , or in terms of total damage 20*[RAP*0.2+1210]. Taking a wild guess that my AP will be 2000. This means that refreshing serpent sting all the time will give me a bonus of 20*[2000*0.2+1210]=20*(400+1210)=20*1610=32. 200 (which would be a gain of 107.33 dps) . This is all witouth talents or gliphs. If I were to add Improved Stings 3/3 I would get a 30% more damaging sting , which means a total of 107.33*1.3=139.529 dps (a gain of 32 dps)
  • I will then add Steady Shot : A steady shot that causes unmodified weapon damage, plus ammo, plus [RAP * 0.1 + 252]. Causes an additional 175 against Dazed targets. Now, I’ve read that it has a hidden 0.5 sec cast , making it 2 sec , not 1.5. This will be tested. Let’s take a random weapon -Nesingwary 4000. 254 – 472 Damage Speed 2.80 (129.6 damage per second). Since it’s weapon damage , it should be on average 363 . Mammoth Cutters give a bonus of 67.5 dps. Which gets us to Weapon damage+ammo+[RAP*0.1+252]= 363+67.5+[2000*0.1+252]= 882.5 . Every 2 seconds (or 1.5 , but let’s say 2). This gives us 441.7 dps. But , with the Glyph of Steady Shot , considering that I’ll be using serpent sting , I get 10% more damage. Which actually gives 485.87 dps. And I believe we have crits too.
  • How much damage does a critical strike do ? Well ,by shooting at a dummy for 5 minutes , I’ll probably get enough crits to have recount display an average of their damage. With no talents , average strike*crit multyplier=critical strike. For example , I know that my paladin has double damage on crits (aka damage is increased by 100%). I’ll presume , for the sake of going ahead in this demonstration that crit multiplyer is 2 (critical damage is increased by 100%). But I have the mortal shot talent which increases by a further 30%. So 10% of my Steady Shots will crit , which means that the total DPS of steady shot will be 485.87+[(485.87/10)*1.3]= 549.03
  • And so far we have 139.5+549=688.5 extra dps

This has taken about 1 hour to write (and sadly , I don’t even have my account active). It would have been a lot faster just to read EJ . But I still want to see if math can be of any use in increasing my DPS.

I’ll return to this post in about 1-2 months when I’ll level up my hunter.

Till next time , take care.


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