Rethinking my Cataclysm bucket list

September 7, 2009 at 9:28 pm (Uncategorized)

After spending some time on I started to rethink my “to do list”

  1. learn to ride an epic flying mount : purpose – fly faster ; this is usefull . faster movement = less time spent uselessly .
  2. get the Red Proto Drake : purpose – aestetic , challenge ; why do I want it ? because it looks cool and I’ve wanted to ride it ever since I first saw it . Secondly , it’s challenging to get it , and the main reason I play WoW is for PvE challenges. So by playing the game for the reason I want to play it for , I get a reward if I succeed . Sounds like a win-win to me.
  3. get full paladin Tier 2 – Judgement Armor (and maybe a cool looking weapon , Sulfuras would be nice , but no way I’m farming MC that long)] ; purpose – aestetic ; except for this , I can’t think of any good reason to do this . I couldn’t even be a social and pretend I got it the right way (my character is a blood-elf) ; this may kick the bucket
  4. … of the Nightfall title (Sartharion10+3 ads) ; purpose – aestetics and challange ; I consider this to be a very challenging encounter from a tanking perspective … didn’t I say I play this game for PvE challenges ? status : go
  5. … the Explorer title ; purpose – achievment-feak-ness ; why bother ? (althought I’ll probably do it anyway , mostly because I want to see Azeroth before Cataclysm)
  6. Undercity Exalted (i always wanted one of those mounts) : purpose – aestetics , andthe 5% extra discount would be nice , but honestly , this is stretching it
  7. Outland Heroic Dungeonmaster : purpose – achievment-whatever-ness ; again , I fail to see a reason . But , I’d love to 2-man it. This would be a challenge. So it’s still up.
  8. Yogg-Saron 10man (only boss missing) : purpose – challenge. Good to go
  9. Make peace with the goblins (at least neutral though exalted would be nice) : purpose – comodity , to be able to trade in Booty Bay once more (i wanted the stupid hat and title) ; and to be able to use the neutral AH (though this fails because I could move an alt there)

The rest , tomorrow.


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