Protection paladin upgrade list (I)

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There is one good thing when you don’t have your account active – you can’t play WoW , thus have more time for other things (like theorycrafting or reading in depth posts/arguments about it , not just the tl;dr version). With all this spare time at my disposal , I’m starting to make a list of possible upgrades for Amellie , my protection paladin.

(the following paragraph is about my own gear , scroll down to the upgrade list in case you’re not interested)

Unfortunatelly , when I logged out , I was in a mix of blue-purple pve-pvp retribution gear , and not in my tanking gear , so I have to rely on memory when I make my list of tanking items. I’ll go by iLvl

  • 226 : Chest (Unbreakable Chestguard) , Weapon (Last Laugh)
  • 219 : Head (Ironbark Faceguard) , Shoulders (Shoulderguards of the Solemn Watch) , Hands (Gauntlets of the Iron Furnace – yes , I know that unless bliz reitemizes them they’re crap , armor-pen on tanking gear) , Legs (Archaedas’ Lost Legplates)
  • 213 : Neck , Back , Waist , Ring 1 , Ring 2 , Trinket 1
  • 200 : Wrist , Feet , Shield , Trinket 2

I’d like to expand a bit on trinkets. I have the Valor Medal of the First War , Rune of Repulsion and Repelling Charge as avoidance trinkets (with the normalisation of dodge and parry , considering diminishing returns , I’ll have to see which one gives better avoidance overall). As stamina trinkets I have only Essence of Gossamer . And I also have Offering of Sacrifice as a small EH boost.

(and now to the list)

A short note on the list : contains BoE craftables , items sold for emblems , items I currently have (even though boss drops) , drops from normal/heroic dungeons. It’s focused on getting gear outside raiding , and getting it fast. Sure , if I do the daily heroic each day for 3 months , I’ll be sitting in full T9.1 but that’s not the point.  I want an upgrade from T7. I intend to raid , but if I’m unfortunate , then I want a backup plan.

Head [link] due to cost/benefit resons , I’ll choose Conqueror Aegis Faceguard :

  1. Liadrin’s Faceguard of Triumph (iLvl 245) – First on the list , but it costs 75 Emblems of Triumph and one Trophy of the Crusade which means having to go to a 10 man heroic raid / 25 man normal and getting the trophy.
  2. Headplate of the Honorbound (iLvl 245) – second best on the list , just 75 EoT
  3. Conqueror’s Aegis Faceguard (iLvl 226) – lands 3 on my list. It looses some mitigation (~18.7 armor , 262.8 BV , taking talents into consideration) and gains some avoidance and some block rating (helping in case the rest of my gear don’t get me block-capped) compared to number 4 (wich has a higher item level) but it also gains the fact that it can be farmed quite fast , costing only 58 EoC
  4. Liadrin’s Faceguard of Conquest (iLvl 232) -though it would be (from a point of view) better than the T8.5 helm , presuming that I will run just heroics , it would take me 25 days to get it (50 EoT) , as oposed to 2 days tanking heroics like mad.
  5. Helm of the Crestfallen Challenger (iLvl 219) – compared to my chosen option , it has a LOT of hit rating and slightly better avoidance (not considering diminished returns) , but loses everywhere else. Though , I would gladly trade my Ironbark Faceguard for it (I enjoy hit more than expertise). Drops from ToC heroic.
  6. Ironbark Faceguard -current helm

Chest [link] – Unbreakable Chestguard . Any real upgrade would be either too expensive (read unafordable) , or take too long to get.

  1. Liadrin’s Breastplate of Triumph (iLvl 245) – same story as the head , 75 EoT plus one Trophy of the Crusade. Moving on.
  2. Breastplate of the White Knight (iLvl 245) – BoE craftable . Very good , but costing 8 Crusader Orbs , it’s a bit overpriced for me. Considering that I’m not the MT of my guild to get the orbs that drop , and that I don’t sit on a pile of gold which would help me buy them from the AH , this is definatly a no.
  3. Liadrin’s Breastplate of Conquest (iLvl 232) – The T9.1 chest. Better in almost everyway , but costing 50 EoT.
  4. Conqueror’s Aegis Breastplate (iLvl 226) – The T8.5 chest . It has the same item level as my own chest , it gains some avoidance but looses mitigation , it also gains the T8 2p bonus. So , even though it costs 58 EoC , it isn’t a crucial upgrade (it’s not even an upgrade in the real sense of the word). My EoC have other urgent buisness to attend to.
  5. Unbreakable Chestguard (iLvl 226) – current chest

Shoulder [link] – Shoulderguards of Enduring Order . At the moment , these seem like the best way to spend my Emblems of Triumph.

  1. Shoulderguards of Enduring Order (iLvl 245) – I didn’t even put the T9.2 shoulders here due to the Trophy of the Crusade being needed. What we have is a really nice pair of shoulders which cost 45 EoT (so about 3 weeks worth of daily heroics) Unless I find something which is a bigger improvement , my EoTs will go here
  2. Liadrin’s Shoulderguards of Conquest (iLvl 232) – Nice and good , but I’d rather spend and extra week and get the ones above (30 EoT)
  3. Regal Aurous Shoulderplates (iLvl 219) – Lose some strenght and some block rating , gain some hit and some socket ? Yes sir/mam ! Only bad thing about them is that I would have to farm ToC heroic. But I’ll be doing heroics like crazy anyway , I’ll just hope for it to drop until I get the Shoulderguards of Enduring Order
  4. Shoulderguards of the Solemn Watch (iLvl 219) – current shoulders

Legs [link]Wyrmguard Legplates , but only after taking care of the other slots. That , or hope for VoA drops.

  1. Liadrin’s Legguards of Triumph (iLvl 245) – lucky drop from VoA
  2. Liadrin’s Legguards of Conquest (iLvl 232) – they lose quite a lot of avoidance and expertise , but gain defense , BV , hit and an extra socket. Good , but not worth 50 EoT. Better hope they drop from VoA
  3. Conqueror’s Aegis Legguards (iLvl 226) – it they drop from VoA , it would be nice.
  4. Wyrmguard Legplates (iLvl 226) – better for threat and mitigation , but I’d lose quite a bit of avoidance. I’ll upgrade to them after I take care of some more urgent upgrades ; 39 EoC
  5. Archaedas’ Lost Legplates (iLvl 219) – current legs

Hands [link]Gauntlets of the Royal Watch , they got plenty of hit which I will be needing.  (or , as above , hope for VoA drops)

  1. Liadrin’s Handguards of Triumph (iLvl 245) – lucky drop from VoA
  2. Liadrin’s Handguards of Conquest (iLvl 232) – drop from VoA or the second thing I’ll spend my Emblems of Triumph on (after the shoulders) 30 EoT. The reasons why I’m not getting these before the Shoulders are : 1 shoulders are a bigger upgrade , 2 with these upgrades I’ll probably be lacking hit , so number 4 would be a better idea
  3. Conqueror’s Aegis Handguards (iLvl 226) – same as before – VoA . Would be good for a BV set and the socket is good
  4. Gauntlets of the Royal Watch (iLvl 226) – i’ll get these for the lovely amount of hit which they have. Only 28 EoC
  5. Gauntlets of the Iron Furnace (iLvl 219) – current gloves

This brings me to the end of the first part of protection paladin upgrades. Next I will analise waist , feet , wrists , neck and back . The day after , rings , trinkets , weapon shield and libram.

I hope you enjoyed reading.


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