It’s been a month

November 22, 2008 at 10:51 am (Derain, Professions, Whitedeath) (, , , )

Wow. Not the game but the exclamation. It’s been more than a month since i’ve updated this. So let’s talk some updates.

First of all , there’s no more Derain or Whitedeath. Gone , kaput. Since Wrath launched , i’ve been experiencing some huge quevues on Neptulon  (1800 people , 2 hours) so I packed my bags , profited of the Free Character Migration and moved all my guys (except the Death-Knight that i’ve made on Neptulon) on Shattered Halls. The problem was , that both the names Derain and Whitedeath were taken… So I was forced to change them. Whitedeath is now Amellie (which I like very much and I would have probably changed her name by paying)… Derain is Eindrake… which sux. Unfortunately , I didn’t think about Dérain until it was too late. So I’ll probably change it via paying.

I’m sad to leave my former guild (i was promoted to officer) , we were getting along rather nicelly. Too bad.

I’ve abandoned Derain (Eindrake … Dérain) somewhere at 61 , 335 mining and 308 engineering. And I’ve picked up Whitedeath (from now on I’ll call her Amellie). I’ve leveled her all the way up to level 44. I haven’t neglected my tradeskills either. I now have 280 enchanting and a beautiful recipie of Icy Chill in the bank , just waiting for 5 more points (which I’d rather make by selling , at least for 1 gold). I’ve been taking Derain on minig runs to gather Iron/Mithril to level my blacksmithing. When I started working on Amellie , BS was 151. Now it sits quite comfortably at 260. And I could probably take it to 270 or even 275 withouth many difficulties… But after that , it’s thorium theritory … and it plain sucks. Still , I was damn lucky to find mithril spurs plan on ah at just 5 gold. It was a life-saver.

As far as tanking goes , I’m doing rather well. I tanked SM (except Cath , couldn’t find a group). I tanked Uldaman as well , Razorfen Downs and even Zul Farak (where I got damn lucky on the drops : gloves + big bad pauldrons). The folks were happpy with my tanking , in ZF I once ran with 2 mages. CC and AoE the place (CC here stands for Consecrate Continuously). I’m learning. In RFD first time I ran it we wiped on the Boar Idol event (we didn’t know what to do) , and then a couple of times because of an idiotic mob who used ranged attacks on us from below.

However , 2nd time we ran RFD it went smoothly. SM-Arm – no problems. Uldaman and ZF , not a single wipe. And I’m starting to like this.


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Plans for tonight

October 15, 2008 at 4:28 pm (Derain, Professions) (, )

I’ve decided to stop playing randomly. I don’t have much time till Wrath hits ( patch 3.0.2 has already hit) and I want to reach 70 … at least with Derain. So from now on , I’m going to establish a few goals and reach them. And I’m going to start tonight. For Derain :

  • travel to Arathi Highlands and rise my First Aid skill from 241 to 300
  • do a quick 10 minutes run and mine some iron
  • travel to Silithus , get the cooking quest from the innkeeper , do it and raise cooking from 289 to 300
  • try to find a few thorium nodes in Silithus and raise my mining as high as possible
  • farm 2 Elemental Air from the elementals in Silithus
  • go to Un-Goro Crater and level mining to 300
  • get a Cured Leather Hide
  • craft a Tranquil Mechanical Yety (this should make my engineering about 270)
  • level up to 58
  • Enter the Dark Portal
  • Greet Outland

So this is the plan. Let’s see how much of it can we manage.

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Professions in my guild

October 11, 2008 at 5:58 pm (Derain, Guild, Professions, Whitedeath) (, , , )

The thing about WoW is that , although I don’t feel like playing it everytime (13 more levels , 13 MORE !!!) , I feel like doing something about it quite often. Somethimes I read lore on wowwiki , sometimes I read about the new patch on WoWInsider , sometimes I log on just to chat with guildies. But that time , i feld like doing something usefull , not just for me , but for others as well.

So I said goodbye to my braincells and started working on an endeavoring project. Our guild welcoming message asks us to put our professions in our notes. Everyone wrote them differently , didn’t say squat about secondary professions or about how advanced they are in their chosen profession. Some of them didn’t have notes at all even. Being an organized person , I wanted to put these skills to some good use , and also work a bit with Excel , to see if I’ve forgotten how to use it or not.

I started working on a table , which showes each guild member’s profession and how much has he leveled it. This way , you are only a filter away from seing who the best Alchemist in my guild is , to see how many people have bothered to raise cooking above 150 skill (just 3 :P) or if there’s any Blacksmith with max skill (and the answer is : no , there isn’t).

The bad thing about this list is that , at the moment it’s a bit useles … and what I mean by that is that only I can use it (because only me and a guild mate have it). I’ll have to wait a while I quess until i give it to my GM – i have to talk with her first , then exchange e-mails and so on. But , until that day comes , I’ll just delight myself knowing that Derain is the most knowledgeable Engineer in the guild , the most hard working Miner and by far the best damn Cook around (285 w00t)and that Whitedeath , although she may aprear to be a frail blood elf girl , has worked with the hammer of a blacksmith more than anyone else. (yeah , i know , i brag a lot so gank me)

Looking at those tables , at all those charts (i’ve even added colours) I realize I must be a little crazy … neah , mental health is overrated nowadays.

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